Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blanket For Baby Lucia

I finally finished another project!   My sweet friend, Almudena, was blessed with a baby girl in November of 2010.  Baby Lucia arrived earlier than expected and she is a complete miracle baby, overcoming challenge after challenge.  So here's a special blanket for a VERY special little girl!
I bought this fabric in late summer 2010 from Hancocks.  I just loved the soft colors and the little owl motif.  I bought the softest chenille that I could find as the backing.   This blanket is OHHHH...SOOO...SNUGGLY!
I thought I would try my hand at quilting around the motif, but 3 months of FOG got in the way.   :)  I realized that I need not be an over-achiever and just hurry up and make the blanket before Lucia is a teenager. 
I added Lucia's initials and made a ribbon flower brooch that can be put on her baby bag, a hat, a sweater....or whatever!
Welcome to the World, Baby Lucia!  You are a special little girl!


  1. wow kathy. i just saw this today and i am in awe. thank you for making this BEAUTIFUL blanker for lucia!! thank you for being such a sweet friend. thanks for your love and care during these past few challenging months.

    i promise i will see you soon!

  2. i just linked this post to my blog! :)