Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fog has Lifted!

The last three months have been tough! I haven't posted a blog, and I haven't been doing much crafting.  But it was all for a good reason! 

I am delighted to say that I am 15 weeks pregnant (Yippeee!) and I've spent the last 10 weeks with the most miserable morning sickness!  I think the "Fog finally lifted" this past Saturday.  I had so much more energy than I've had....and a lot less nausea.  This morning sickness took me to my lowest point ever and taught me a lot about myself. 

First off, I thought that if I was ever 'really sick' that I would completely lean on God and be steadfast in my faith that I was in His hands.  (I always imagined I would become some amazingly faithful woman who would be known for her strength through tough out of some Lifetime movie or something.)  Well, I hate to say it but I did a lot of "giving in" to the sickness and feeling sorry for myself.  I wasn't very fact, I let lots of things slip.  Things at work, things at home, things with friends... it was getting pretty lonely and dark in my little nausea filled world.  Lots of tears...lots of "why me's"...and lots of "I'm never doing this again!"

Well, now that "The Fog" has lifted, I'm seeing a whole different side of life.  I'm thankful for everything and everyone that is still here for me....even though I've been a real bother the last 2+ months.  My husband was so helpful, and really took control of everything for the last 2 months.  It didn't come without a few arguments, but he was amazing and I'm so thankful that he's such a good care-taker.  If I were him, I would have been done with my after 2 weeks of it!

I am feeling like my old self.  I want to sew.  I want to bake.  I want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Lord knows, I want to EAT!  Boy, I'm hungry.  I want to blog.  I want..... for the first time in months, I want to do anything except lay around and be sick.

So long, Fog.  You will not be missed.

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