Monday, January 24, 2011

Project OVERDUE: Stash Busting Granny Squares

Perhaps it's the so-called "Nesting" phase kicking in.  Whatever the reason, I'm tired of looking at these granny squares in my crochet basket.  It is time to get this stash-busting project from Winter of 2010 completed!  When I started making granny-squares over a year ago, I had no plan really....I was just wanting to use the spring colors that I purchased earlier in the year.

Since I'm fairly sure I made up the pattern (like I do on most of my projects) and have since forgotten it, I'm not going to make any more squares.  Sure, I could count out the stitches and do a couple of trial squares to find the right dimension.  But I don't have the patience for that....I just want to get this project out of my basket....not add to it!

What should I make?

Perhaps I should make a small (really small) baby blanket?

A scarf?

I don't even remember how to put granny squares together!  UH OH!

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