Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days Random Thoughts - Day 2

I remember the time I found that my grandmother used the Tollhouse recipe for her chocolate chip cookies. I was astonished that her amazingly delicious cookies were concocted from a recipe printed ON THE PACKAGE. It felt a little like betrayal.
You see, I thought she was a magician in the kitchen. Everyone raved about her food and people complained that they couldn't replicate the deliciousness she could achieve, even when using her recipes. How could a fabulous cook use such a common recipe? So I made these cookies for our baked goodies this week. In honor of Mema. Now my littles think I am a rock star!
The 1yo critic expressed her satisfaction by smearing the chocolate on her shirt, face and hair. The 4yo critic (who watches a lot of "Chopped") said after the first bite: "Warm...(pause for dramatic affect) Moist...(another pause, then in a boisterous voice) Delicious!" (as if he doubted my baking ability.) I almost died. SCORE!!! I qualify for the next round!

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