Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friends & Roses

I had dinner with one of my favorite friends last night.  We hadn't seen each other in several months, so the two hours that we spent together flew by!  I love friendships like that.  When we get so busy that 2-3 months go by and when you finally get together, you are able to just pick up where you left off.   We had lots to talk about because she is expecting...and it looks gorgeous on her!


When I got home, I was wide awake from our delightful conversation.  I decided to pick up the crochet hook and do a little late night crafting to relax!   I got inspired this Brassy Apple blog post and decided I wanted to learn to make a new flower.  See that precious little girl with the zebra headband and the big gorgeous pink flower?  I had to learn how to make it!


I love it! They are so easy to make. Now I have to find something to embellish with flowers!! Stay tuned!

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  1. i love friendship like that too! dinner was so fun! :)