Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simple Abundance

Life has been very hectic lately.   I just seem to be overwhelmed by everything.  I've been struggling to keep it altogether.  Wife, Mother, Full Time Employee, Daughter, Friend, etc.....  So many roles to play, and I felt like I was failing at most of them!  My head has been spinning and I felt like I could get ahead of all that I needed to do. 

I went to a used-book sale fundraiser for my husband's school a couple of weekends ago.  Hardbacks were only $1, so I loaded up on children's books for my little man.  In the Christian inspiration section, I found a beautiful pink book titled Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach.  I bought it because it had a pretty cover and a lovely name. 

When I got home and started to read it....what a wonderful surprise!  This book as been my respite for the last couple of weeks.  Every day there is a simple devotional to help you center yourself in the Lord's presence, search your heart and find simplicity in the complex. 

After about a week and a half after I had started the book, my husband commented on my peacefulness.  He said that he has noticed that I have been more relaxed.  I attributed it to the perspective that this book has helped me see!  I am able to find the authentic person that God made me to be.  My eyes have been opened to find beauty in so many moments throughout my day. 

It is a wonderful book!  I'm so blessed to have found it!  If you would like to find some joy and comfort, I recommend Simple Abundance.  Hopefully, I will soon find time to start crafting and updating Southern Sawyer!

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