Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Random Thoughts - Day 4

Today, I cleaned like a mad woman. I wasn't mad, but I was definitely in the mood to have at least one corner of the house clean. I just couldn't take it anymore!!!

It is so hard to clean when you have two little people following you around the house leaving a trail of things to pick up. Lost raisins...sippy Rocks!?! Yes, Rocks!?! And acorns! Stuff just starts to spread out everywhere.

So today, I decided everything needed to be in its place. I would have gotten a lot more done if I was actually mad. I do my best cleaning when I'm mad. I am focused...all business, not lolly-gagging around. When I'm mad, I can throw away stuff, too. When I'm not mad, I always see potential in things and keep everything (read: hoard). But when I'm mad, everything is "junk".

Am I crazy?

I found this awesome homemade cleaning solution on pinterest that works like magic in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Recipe: Fill spray bottle with vinegar, lemon juice and dish soap. It smells like vinegar, but it gets rid of hard water gunk like nobody's business.

Oh and the laundry. I think I did 6 loads today. I guess that is what happens when your little one has a tummy bug. :(

I decided today that I want to organize and redecorate the entire house. I have been looking at other people's beautiful, organized homes on pinterest and I want to freshen up my spaces. When we moved into this house, I was pregnant and didn't feel like decorating or organizing. Five years later, I still haven't really done much, except add another human being to add to the mess in the house.

Now, I have no excuse. I just need some inspiration and motivation. Maybe I can use this blog as some before and after stuff! I want to do a little something in every room....but there are a few rooms that need lots of TLC: Laundry Room, Baby Room, Master Bath, Master Bedroom, Office Area

 The other rooms in the house just need some tweaks like curtains, painted baseboards, decor, organization, etc. Now I need to go move the laundry! See you tomorrow.

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