Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Phew!  2011 was the quite the year.  It was beautiful.  It was hard.  It was full of joy and a taste of sorrow.

The Little Man
welcomed his baby sister...
  and turned the very BIG 3!
We struggled with some "terrible three's" that made the "two's" look like a cake walk.
He moved into is big boy room, with a big boy bed and demands to be called a big more baby!
He loves books, stories and movies.
  Not very rambunctious unless he's hopped up on sugar.
He's recently taken an interest in sports and hunting...just like his Daddy.

The Little Lady
arrived without much fuss.
She is the calmest thing...the nursery teachers love her.
She is very healthy and happy.  
She had beautiful dark brown air at birth and now it is a darker blonde.
Her huge blue eyes melt my heart.
Good eater, sleeper and pooper.  What more could we ask for?

I was happy
to have the Little Lady a few days it was a not-so-pleasant pregnancy.
Two weeks later, my grandmother went to claim her castle in heaven.  I imagine it is a big, beautiful one, if you consider how many folks down here loved her and will visit her when we get there!
After 12 weeks of marvelous maternity leave, I went back to work.
It took at least 4 months for my heart to realize that I was choosing work rather than staying at home.
My heart and my brain were not on the same page, and my emotions were in constant limbo 
and to make matters worse...
things weren't exactly peachy at work.
I'm still trying to untangle it all, but have decided to put it to prayer.

The Hubby
had a good year.
His own sports teams did really well,
but the Aggies were miserable.
He got to hunt some, but probably not enough.
He's adjusted to having 2 kids amazing well and is the main caretaker around the house.
He is our routine...without him we'd all be a mess.

I'm completely blessed.

Here's to 2012.
May it be a year full of joy and happiness.
I hope to take better care of myself.
Exercise more, drink more water and watch less tv.
Read more.
Write more.
Love more.


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