Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh Yes We Did! - Adrenaline 2011

Last weekend, my dear friend and I decided to take a break from mommyhood and go spend the day on an adventure course. To be totally honest, she asked me to go with her and I said yes....not really knowing what I was getting myself in to.

On the ride up to the adventure ranch, we were joking and laughing like a couple of 12 year old girls. And when we saw our first adventure task...not only was our laughing silenced... I began to feel regret that I had agreed to coming with her:
The Tower of Death.

But I'm happy to say that we both made it to the top of the Tower of Death and we jumped off that very top platform together. It was exhilarating...and frightening at the same time.

I was so nervous...I couldn't even smile correctly.


Then we went ZIP LINING! WHOO HOO, now that was fun! We wrapped up the day by kayaking!  It was the shortest kayak ride in the history of "adventure coursing" though, because we were anxious to get back to our babies at home.  

It was a physically tiring, emotionally draining, fun day.  A roller coaster of adrenaline. I'm so glad that I went. Thanks, A!!!


  1. "the tower of death" hahahahha!!

  2. last comment...
    i especially like the picture of me ziplining with my booty squishing out of the harnass. now that's hot!