Monday, March 28, 2011

Diaper Bag Makeover: Ruffle Style

I got a new toy last weekend:  A Ruffler Foot!  Ever since then, I've been day dreaming about everything I can add a ruffle to! Ruffles and ruffle flowers are turning up all over the place.
I recently received a free diaper bag from my employer's maternity program.  A very roomy and sturdy bag....Thank you very much, boss man!  The "Nurture" Program actually claimed that the generic look of the bag was a desired feature (I guess for the sake of those Dads out there)!  Well, it was my first ruffle victim:

I ruffled some "haute" pink knit and got out my glue gun.....and voila!  Extra girly diaper bag for my very own girly girl due any day now!
It is pretty pitiful how excited I get about crafty stuff.   Most women yearn for Jimmy Choo or Louis Vitton.  I yearn for craft stuff.  Ha!


  1. i LOVE it!! you are so creative. i do not like stuff with logos on them and would love to cover them up but never know how so i just don't use them. guess i''ll be sending all that stuff to you now so you can kathy-ize it. ;)

  2. Love all your ruffly projects! The tanktop is super-cute and this diaper bag is so perfect!