Thursday, December 23, 2010

Learning to Knit!!


I feel as if I'm cheating on a 18 year relationship with crochet, but I'm learning to knit.   I begged my co-worker and "knitting extraordinaire", Debbie, if she would teach me the basics of knitting.  She agreed...and even bought me fancy bamboo knitting needles to learn on!


Aren't these needles beautiful?  They feel so good in my hands.  I've always used aluminum crochet needles and cheap yarn, so it feels really nice to work with really good materials.  Thanks, Debbie!


So far, I've learned to "cast on" and the "knit" stitch.  It still feels very awkward; I'm not yet comfortable with where my fingers are supposed to go or how to hold the yarn.  I remember feeling that way when I learned to crochet.  It will come with practice, which is what I plan on doing during our road trips over the holidays!

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