Wednesday, January 6, 2010

T-Shirt Blanket

Over the weekend, we did a little "New Year's" cleaning!  We bagged up some clothes and set them aside to donate!  My hubby was getting rid of quite a few school themed t-shirts (he's a teacher/coach)....and I wondered who would want t-shirts from schools they didn't go to?

Later that day, I was also really wanting to go to the fabric store to buy some fabric for a project, but I didn't have a project in mind....and I didn't really want to waste the money on a useless project.

SO!  I had an idea!  I decided to make a t-shirt blanket with the old t-shirts.  I simply cut four 19"x19" squares out two of my hubby's tees!  Then I sewed them together like a quilt using about a half inch seam.  I ran to the fabric store and bought 1 yard of fleece ($6).  I embroidered my son's name and appliqued a few footballs to the front.  Sewed the fleece to the back...and voila.  A very special blankey for my little guy to take to daddy's football games.

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