Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

What a year!
Here's my blessing list from 2009:

My little guy...
said "Goodbye" to plagiocephaly and his helmet!
turned 1!!
learned to walk and talk!

The Hubby and I...
survived our first year as parents
renewed our vows in Vegas in honor of our 5 year anniversary.
turned the big 3-0!

Together as a family...
took a relaxing summer vacation to the Texas Hill Country
spent time with our families across Texas
we made many memories

Just me:
 got a golden opportunity to chase my career dreams at work
found passion for crocheting and sewing
found wonderful blogs about crafting

Hopes and dreams for 2010:
Make incredible memories with my family
Learn to sew something beyond a tutu shirt
Be recognized at work for successfully creating an Engagement Program
Finish making my house a home

My Big Life Dreams:
Adopt a child.
See the world.
Start my own business.
Most of all, serve God by serving others.

Happy New Year!

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