Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At Home

One of my favorite things

My first week as a full time Mom was nothing but awesome!  I loved every minute spending time with my babies and homecaring.  Deep down in my heart, I yearned to do this for so long and it feels good to be in this season now.  I am enjoying the slower pace.  The lack of rush.  The quietness of my house during nap time.  The air that I can BREATHE when I wake up... rather than the exhaustion I used to feel knowing that I had to drudge through another day doing what was making me miserable.

Inspirational, but Aspirational.

Seeing my house during the different daylight hours is calming.  I love the way the house fills with the soft, early morning light. At noon, all of the sunlights are aglow and I can even see the shadows of clouds and trees blowing across the shadows on the floor.  The evening sun is blaring in around 5pm and I run around closing up blinds and curtains to keep the heat out.

There is space and time to breathe.  It feels amazing, but it isn't all easy.

I haven't stuck to the routine that I had daydreamed about for the past several months.  I haven't exercised once...well...we did go for an adventure walk, but my feet have not yet graced the elliptical.   The house is not clean by any means.  There are certain spots that I couldn't wait to attack with a scrub brush.  Haven't gotten to those yet.

Proof that Playrooms are for Playing. 

I allowed a little too much TV last week and the little man throws fits now if he doesn't get to watch it or when we turn it off.  This week, this house is undergoing TV detox.  It's painful for all of us. (Seriously!)  Also, it's feels like I spend the entire day in the kitchen either preparing or cleaning up meals. 

But, I've gotten to be creative.  Whether is it cooking, sewing, crocheting or figuring out how to entertain the kids, full time Mommy'ing allows me to be more creative than ever.  I'm super resourceful in the kitchen and I'm on a mission to use everything in my pantry so I can refill it next week with all sorts of good stuff! 

I've even had time to do bible study (started Beth Moore's Patriarchs this week!) and read!  Oh...and blog! :)

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.  1 John 3:18

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