Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When facing fears in life, sometimes we will find that our fears have power because of lies that we tell ourselves.
In this decision that I have made, I am surrounded by fears and lies. They keep nagging on me to change my mind and not to follow through with my decision. Then I find myself questioning if these thoughts are from God. Strange how the thoughts I am having do not sound like the promises he made to us in the Bible.
If we are truly going to believe in God and the promises he has made, we are going to have to start believing that his promises weren't made for those other people who seem to be excelling in life. His promises were made to all of us. His promises were made to me and you. We have to start battling fears and lies with Truth.
When He says that He made us for a purpose, believe Him. When He says that He doesn't want us to be afraid, listen to Him. When He asks us to trust Him, do it. Completely.
My little guy is afraid of the dark and sometimes it is hard for him to lay in bed alone. I always tell him (sometimes frustratingly so) that he shouldn't be afraid because I am here and if he needs me just call out and I will come. Then I say, "TRUST ME, you are safe."
Don't I know that God is probably frustrated with me and my incessant cries about how scared I am. This time that is taking place between making my decision and actually executing it is just a minefield of lies, fears, and insecurities. He is saying,"TRUST ME, you are safe".

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