Tuesday, July 17, 2012

getting excited

I have insomnia lately.  I am seeing 3am on an almost nightly basis. I blame it on the stress, but I am thankful for it.

These are the hours that I get to think and pray and listen to my heart. God speaks to us in His Word but we can have conversations in our hearts. At 3am, God and I have our meetings and we get down to business.

I want to be honest. This decision to turn my life upside down sometimes feels crazy. But my heart is excited. I am yearning to get started in the new life.

I have what Kelly Rae Roberts calls an adrenaline of spirit. If I silence the fears and trust God, I feel a rush of possibility.

This is a turning point in my life's Path. It is a right turn headed toward a more authentic life. My current path has been paved with good intentions of how the world defines success.  But I am yearning for a different life with more joy, love and creativity.

1 comment:

  1. i just caught up on all of your new posts. woah - i love them. i am so excited for you in this next step of your life kathy. yes, i'm selfishly excited but also excited to see all the new things God shows you. He is planning a great adventure for you and you don't even have to pack! depend on Him to be your compass and His word to be your map and guide. and know you have a friend anxiously waiting to walk the path with you. love you!