Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There is a ton of hoop-la going on over at the Ruffles and Stuff that got me thinking and I wanted to put my thoughts into writing....for me, my family, you (whoever you are...but I think it is only Almudena (Huge Grin)) and God.

The short story is Disney, the craft blogger, just up and quit her blog.  One day she was refashioning a makeup bag into a head band for her 5,000 blog followers and the next day she up and quit.  Her vague sign-off left her followers (including me) very concerned about this person we have never met.

This drastic move on Disney's part made me realize that this blogging stuff can get pretty unhealthy (read: obsessive).  So, I thought about my participation in blogging and "why" I do "what" I do.

I decided to start a blog so I could keep track of the craft blogs and digitally scrapbook my piddle-n-putter projects.  I check my blog roll almost daily to see what inspiration and creativity is going on at other blogs. Every once in a while, I will make a project that I think it neat enough to share with the world wide web.

While I have temptations to have secret yearnings to be like Dana from Made or even the Nester, I have to keep my expectations of myself and this blog in check.  Notice how I said "temptations to have secret yearnings."  I don't really believe that it is God's plan for my life to be a blogger and He hasn't pressed it into my heart for real.  I mean look at this blog, does it look like I have 'above average talent' at this??  Ha! 

So I say all of this to let my intentions be known.  I want to keep this hobby of blogging in check.  I don't want to become so obsessed with other blogs....or updating this one, that I lose focus of my real priorities in life:  God, Family, and Hard Work.  I don't want my virtual social life to surpass my real social life.  I haven't told a lot of people about this blog, because I don't want to worry about what I say, how often I update, etc.  I just want to be me....and geek out with all my crochet and amateur sewing skills.  :)

So that's it! No stress over this blog or any other blog.  And if it ever gets out of control....I'll be like Disney.  I'll up and quit!

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  1. i know, i know - i'm commenting again! i can't stop myself! i just wanted to say that i agree! it is so easy to get caught up in some virtual world. i think it's because it gives an escape from the everyday real world. i have to keep myself in check about this.
    all i can say is that i am so grateful to have you as my friend to remind me of what's important in life. you are a wonderful friend - especially in the real world! :)