Monday, October 5, 2009

Out my Kitchen Window

I love, LOVE, love having a window above my kitchen sink! I wash dishes and gaze into my backyard. While I don't particularly like washing dishes, the window gives me lots of reasons to count my blessings. As I scrub the dishes, I check out all the plants that are blooming, watch the birds hop around and the squirrels playing/chasing each other.
I love looking out the window in the morning, as the sun is coming up. The yard looks so lush and green before the scorching Texas heat wilts all the plants. It is like the plants spend the whole night perking up and congering enough energy to stand up to greet the sun before wilting again under it's heat.
I love looking out the window after a rain shower. This is really a treat, because we've had drought conditions since we've lived in this house. The sidewalk and the flowerbeds look so different when wet. The leaves look beautifully green, glistening and dripping for a fresh shower.

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